Taking Back Our Students at Raines High School

The Leadership Development Series is the secret weapon to improving the safety and future of Jacksonville, Florida. It is the brain child of three men who have come together to make a lasting difference in the community. We have taken the project and received the blessing from the new superintendent Dr. Diana Greene. She directed us to Mr. Joe Peppers from Kids Hope Alliance to best understand how we can serve the district. 

Jacksonville is a fantastic place to live with many different educational options for our youth. There is also another side of Jacksonville that is dangerous and where 92% of students graduate but only 11% can do math. In this side of town there is a 40% poverty rate and the median income is $22,288. The problem is these youth need positive role models to encourage them to maximize their greatness. It's hard to find people who will work with youth that is why there are 34,608 high school students in DCPS only 1,500 are being served in after-school programs. 

Our program is a weekly after-school program designed to create leaders who will change the culture of the school and live their dreams. This program will energize broken communities and fix the problem of overlooking our greatest resource which is our youth.

Join The Movement: Please send checks to Seven S.E.A.S. 4070 Herschel St. Jacksonville, FL 32210 or contact us below!

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