Our Programs

Fitness Experience: Leadership, Effort and Believe

We partner with schools, teams and clubs to give their students positive role models that believe in their dreams. The fitness experience focuses in three areas: Leadership, Effort and Belief! Once they see they have everything it takes to achieve and people who believe in them, they become unstoppable!

Health Education: Oasis In The Desert

 People want to make healthy choices but often lack accurate information so they don’t make educated decisions. In this program we visit “Food Deserts” and show them what foods will be an “Oasis” by providing the nutrition they need and how to avoid the “Mirages” foods that look good but kill your body.

Motivational Speaking: Define Your Value

Never Be Average. Don’t Be Scared Fail. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything. These are the messages that we strive to get across to the youth we serve. We know that you give your group this message all the time sometimes it’s received better from an outside voice they have heard before.

Leadership Programs: George Washington Carver Elementary

To support the efforts of parents, teachers and administrators we host leadership programs to create leaders within the home and school environment. These weekly programs give them the skill set to maximize their potential and be a leader in their space. One leader can change a home, a school, a community and the world.

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