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Sponsor Youth Programming

Seven S.E.A.S creates programming for that is beneficial for many non profit organizations because they are already doing great work. We want to be the positive boost that gives the people you serve a fantastic, positive, fun, educational and awesome experience! We plant seeds of GREATNESS every time we engage a group!

It costs money to do this great work! A few of the groups that we serve cannot afford our services, your support allows us to continue to shine our light. We all have families and we do fantastic, life changing work. Before you invest in another product that you are not going to use, give it to us and we will use it to make the world a better place!

There are three different ways you can get involved, please pick one today!


Plant The Seed

Young, old, and in between Seven S.E.A.S hosts the best motivational, educational and positive programs for any group who wants to maximize their potential.

Fertilize The Seed

Exposure is everything. We have to continue to fertilize the seed we planted by providing mentorship, volunteers and opening your doors to dreamers.

Water the Seed

For us to grow and continue to make an impact in the lives of people in your community it takes financial support. Thank you for investing in our success!