Don't Be Scared To Fail

Seven S.E.A.S . (Specifics.Equality.Academia.Sport) is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization specializing in motivational fitness programs.

For Seniors

We facilitate hour-long therapeutic group for nursing facilities, rehab and senior living homes. Host four community health events providing fitness, motivation and positive self image psychology. 

Unlimited amount of participants per meeting includes warm up, Oasis In The Desert Workout and motivational cool down. The Oasis In The Desert is great for seniors who are nonverbal, suffering from dementia and in wheelchairs.

For Youth  

We facilitate workshops for youth all over the country and have created the Summer Of Success to serve the youth in Jacksonville with our Leadership Development Series.

Our job is to equip youth with the skills necessary to live their dreams and then provide them opportunities to live their dreams!

Ride The Wave…

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