Our Mission:

Don’t Be Scared To FAIL

Seven S.E.A.S (Specifics. Equality. Academia. Sport) is a 501c3 non profit organization serving North Florida and the world by leading the way in health education and fitness leadership experiences for at risk communities.


Our Mission

Since 2014 Seven S.E.A.S. (Specifics. Equality. Academia. Sport) has been serving North Florida communities by teaching leadership through fitness experiences. In 2019 we are expanding our reach by adding health education programs using the two generation approach to empowering youth and parents in our communities.

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Our Impact

Building a foundation for our youth and respecting the past by investing in our elders!

It is impossible to measure the impact that believing in someone’s dreams and giving them the tools to live a healthier more prosperous life but that’s what we do. Everyday we strive to be the positive role models that we wish we had as kids. Whether it be a health education program with New Town Success Program, a leadership experience with Hicks Prep Club in partnership with University of North Florida or our leadership club at George Washington Carver Elementary School. We will go where others have failed and equip our communities with the confidence and information necessary to live their BEST LIFE!



Students Reading At Grade Level

George Washington Carver Elementary School if these students are only get further behind unless we intervene now! They have to know that they have everything it takes to be successful but they have to get the basics first.



Years Serving communities

Seven S.E.A.S. has over 12 years of leading and impacting people across the country. No one matches are health and fitness expertise or our youth development programming.



Plant - Fertilize - water

  1. Plant The Seed – Book us for a health education or fitness experience today

  2. Fertilize The Seed – Internship, Mentorship and Company Visits

  3. Water The Seed – Donate, Sponsor An Event or Start A Flood


Our Programs

Seven S.E.A.S. creates custom programming to fit the needs of the diverse at risk populations that we serve. Each program will include three things verbal self affirmation, a fitness activity and a piece of information that the participants can take with them.


Fitness Experiences

We partner with schools, teams and clubs to give their students positive role models that believe in their dreams. The fitness experience focuses in three areas: Leadership, Effort and Belief! Once they see they have everything it takes to achieve and people who believe in them, they become unstoppable!

Motivational Speaking

Never Be Average. Don’t Be Scared Fail. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything. These are the messages that we strive to get across to the youth we serve. We know that you give your group this message all the time sometimes it’s received better from an outside voice they have heard before.

Health education

People want to make healthy choices but often lack accurate information so they don’t make educated decisions. In this program we visit “Food Deserts” and show them what foods will be an “Oasis” by providing the nutrition they need and how to avoid the “Mirages” foods that look good but kill your body.

Leadership Programs

Only 4% percent of the 35,000 Duval County High School students are in after-school programs. To support the efforts of parents, teachers and administrators we host leadership programs to create leaders within the home and school environment. These weekly programs give them the skill set to maximize their potential and be a leader in their space.


Thursday, July 19, 2018: Bradford County Telegraph

The “S.E.A.S.” in Seven Seas is an Acronym. It stands for Specifics, Equality, Academia, and Sports. Seas are vast, open bodies of water. The idea is to help children grow up to embrace the wide-ranging possibilities for their lives rather than limiting themselves in any way.

Christopher Chandler, CEO/ Article written by Cliff Smelley



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Sponsor Youth Programming

Seven S.E.A.S creates programming for that is beneficial for many non profit organizations because they are already doing great work. We want to be the positive boost that gives the people you serve a fantastic, positive, fun, educational and awesome experience! We plant seeds of GREATNESS every time we engage a group!

It costs money to do this great work! A few of the groups that we serve cannot afford our services, your support allows us to continue to shine our light. We all have families and we do fantastic, life changing work. Before you invest in another product that you are not going to use, give it to us and we will use it to make the world a better place!

There are three different ways you can get involved, please pick one today!


Plant The Seed

Young, old, and in between Seven S.E.A.S hosts the best motivational, educational and positive programs for any group who wants to maximize their potential.

Fertilize The Seed

Exposure is everything. We have to continue to fertilize the seed we planted by providing mentorship, volunteers and opening your doors to dreamers.

Water the Seed

For us to grow and continue to make an impact in the lives of people in your community it takes financial support. Thank you for investing in our success!